Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kidzone Contents 1 - 30.

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Kidzone 30.

A Bible quiz.
Story - Cuthbert the clock.
Illusion - Discovering hidden colours.
Laugh break - Two sons,
Your questions answered - Where is heaven?
Answers to Bible quiz.

Kidzone 29.

Story - The old oak tree.
Your questions answered - Can God speak to us with a voive that we can actually hear?
Quiz - Hidden books of the Bible.
Laugh break - A retirement funny.

Kidzone 28.

Story - Jimmy's amazing healing.
Illusion - All wrongdoing is serious.
Your questions answered - Do all religions lead to God?
Laugh break - A children funny.

Kidzone 26.

Story - Doing the right thing.
Illusion - Hitting a target with a balloon.
Your questions answered - Why did Adam and Eve sin against God?
Laugh break - The letter of reference.

Kidzone 25.

Story - Jimmy's big day out
Your questions answeres - Did God make cavemen?
Illusion - Floating a cork on water.
Laugh break - Seven reasons not to mess with a child.

Kidzone 24.

Story - Leo the lion.
- Processionary caterpillars.
Your questions answered - Can I be a Christian even if my parents aren't?
Illusion - Blowing a coin into a dish.
Laugh break - Classic comments (All from children).

Kidzone 23.

Story - "I give you me!"
Illusion - Cutting a banana in half without touching it.
Your questions answered - Where did Cain get his wife from?
Laugh break - Walking by faith.

Kidzone 22.

Symbols of Christmas.
Your questions answered - What proof is there that God exists?
Laugh break - Cats and dogs.
Illusion - Changing the lengths of three ropes.

Kidzone 21.

Story - Message in a bottle.
Your questions answered - Why does God allow suffering?
Illusion - Standing up under pressure.
Lguah barek - Can you raed tihs?

Kidzone 20.

Story - DOG/GOD
Your questions answered - When did God create angels?
Illusion - Colours.
Laugh break - Little Johnny.

Kidzone 19.

Story - The true picture of your life.
Your questions answered - If Adam and Eve were white skinned, how did dark skinned people come about?
Laugh break - A lie funny.
Illusion - John 3.16.

Kidzone 18.

Illusion - Finished files.
Your questions answered - If God knows the future, does that mean that what is going to happen is going to happen?
Story - A free pardon
Laugh Break - All I really need to know, I learned in the kindergarten.

Kidzone 17.

Story - Jesus for tea.
Your questions answered - Do people have more than one life on earth?
Illusion - 23 coin challenge.
Laugh Break - Gems from the classroom.

Kidzone 16.

Your questions answered - If I ask God for something, will He give it to me?
Story - God knows best.
Illusion - Predicting the future.
Laugh Break - "Hold your tongue".

Kidzone 15.

Story - The little monkey.
Illusion - Needle through a balloon.
Your questions answered - Did some people in the Bible really live until they were over 900 years old?
Laugh Break - Even still more of George's favourite jokes.

Kidzone 14.

Story - Honouring your parents.
Illusion - R U E?
Your questions answered - When is Jesus coming back to earth?
Laugh Break - Still more of George's favourite jokes.

Kidzone 13.

Story - The portrait of the son.
Illusion - Blowing a paper into a bottle.
Laugh Break - More of George's favourite jokes.
Your questions answered - Did God write the Bible?

Kidzone 12.

Story - Mine twice over.
Illusion - Three cup challenge.
Laugh Break - George's favourite jokes.
Your questions answered - Why did God use Adam's rib to create Eve?

Kidzone 11.

A story for Remembrance day - Doing your duty.
Illusion - Restoring a cut rope.
Laugh Break - Things young children have been heard to pray.
Your questions answered - Why did God create the earth the way it is?

Kidzone 10.

Jimmy and the six weird witches. 6. - The Screaming witch of hate.
Illusion - Instant calculations.
Laugh Break - Classic comments (All from children).
Your questions answered - Why is water essential for life?

Kidzone 9.

Jimmy and the six weird witches. 5. - Freda Fib.
Illusion - Amazing memory feat.
Laugh Break - Dumb Laws.
Your questions answered - When did God create Dinosaurs?

Kidzone 8.

Jimmy and the six weird witches. 4. - Library Lizzy.
Illusion - Making the right choice.
Laugh Break - Tongue Twisters.
Your questions answered - Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Kidzone 7.

Jimmy and the six weird witches 3. - The Tricky witch.
Illusion - Miracles.
Your questions answered - How do I know the Christian faith is true?
Laugh Break - Things Kids say.

Kidzone 6.

Jimmy and the six weird witches 2. - Old Mother Curseandswear.
Illusion - Jumping elastic bands.
Your questions answered - Why did God make us, and the world?
Laugh Break - Why God made moms.

Kidzone 5.

Jimmy and the six weird witches 1. - Moaning Maggie.
Illusion - Floating a pin on water.
Laugh Break - What is love?
Your questions answered - Is Jesus really God?

Kidzone 4.

Story - A free pardon.
Illusion - a. The meaning of the cross. b. The resurrection of Christ.
Laugh Break - Can you trust your senses?
Your questions answered - Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

Kidzone 3.

Story - Wesley Steelberg.
Illusion - WOW/MOM.
Laugh Break - Body challenges.
Your questions answered - Why is my brother / sister nasty to me?

Kidzone 2.

Story - A modern Prodigal.
Illusion - Faith - A water experiment.
Laugh Break - A success funny.
Your questions answered- Is there life elsewhere in the Universe?

Kidzone 1.

Story - A soldier gives up his life for his friends.
Illusion - Passing a pencil through a handkerchief.
Laugh Break - Advice for Kids.
Your questions answered - Who made God?